NY private equity firm to invest $200m in RMG in Bangladesh

TAU Investment Management LLC, a New York-based growth-equity venture investment firm is currently in the process of raising a US$1.0 billion for modernisation of the garment and textiles industries in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam China and, to lesser extend, in Turkey. The fund is backed by the Soros family, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and the Global […]


Bangladesh Govt. draft policy for RMG sub-contracting

The government of Bangladesh has drafted a new policy to bar non-compliant sub-contracting readymade garment (RMG) factories from doing business with exporters, official sources said. The government, after consulting local and international stakeholders, is framing the new ‘sub-contracting policy 2013’ with a view to ensuring a positive working environment in the sub-contracting business. The policy […]

Yawning gap between pledges and delivery to Rana Plaza victims

Many Rana Plaza victims are yet to receive the promised compensation from the government and retailers, nine months after the Bangladesh’s worst industrial disaster on 24th April 2013. To date, families of 777 of the 1,135 dead workers have received from EUR 1,000 to 5,000 thousands Euro each from the Prime Minister’s Fund, while the […]

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Packaging Materials for Frozen Shrimp export


Request for Best Quotation The sample, design and sizes are available upon request by email from “to @ bangladeshinside.com“– directly from the manufacturers only. Master Carton (1 lakh every year) Inner Dimension =Length 370mm x Width 244mm x Height 148mm Must be strong, solid and seaworthy Will not collapse, tear or damaged during handling or transportation […]

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Uttara Finance & Investments Ltd BDT 5,100cr scam: UTTARAFIN


1 crore =10 million & 1 EUR = BDT 102.67 Loan applications to financial institutions in Bangladesh require five layers of scrutiny before being approved, usually. The Uttara Finance and Investment Limited, a non-bank financial institution and publicly traded company in Bangladesh under the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) trading code UTTARAFIN did not followed any of the […]

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EUR 550 million dredging deal with Luxembourg-based company

The Luxembourg-based dredging company Jan De Nul Group (JDN) signed a Joint-Venture agreement with the Payra Port Authority (PPA) of Bangladesh on the on 11 December 2017 for the Payra Deep-sea Port dredging project, valued EUR 550 million setting up a Jan De Nul Group’s subsidiary the Payra Dredging Company Limited (PDCL) under the Public-Private […]

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Maternity Benefits in Bangladesh


Women, performing manual and physical (other than intellectual, administrative, supervisory or managerial) labour in Bangladesh are entitled to 16 weeks of Maternity Benefits. The terms and conditions of employment, including the Maternity Benefits, of the female staff at the intellectual, administrative, supervisory or managerial positions should be regulated in the employment contract. In the latter half of […]

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Korean Export Processing Zone at serious risk


Instead of handing over the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) to the investor, the government of Bangladesh plans to take back […]

Dhaka needs to remove its rocky anti-FDI atmosphere

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Yun-young

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Mr. Lee Yun-young has said Bangladesh should come out from protectionism and open up its market […]

‘Welfare Associations’ to negotiate for rights at Bangladesh EPZ

The Government of Bangladesh today approved, in principle, draft of a labour law for Export Processing Zones (EPZ) with the provision […]

Return of GSP seems far off – a lot more must be done

Bangladesh’s progress in implementation of the National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety and Structural Integrity (the Action Plan) which provides a […]

Bangladesh halts shutdown of “unsafe” factories

The Bangladeshi government is refusing to shut down garment factories declared unsafe, following a row with independent inspectors over the […]