Venami shrimp farming begins in Bangladesh

Farming of ‘banned’ high-yield species of Venami shrimp has began in Bangladesh. The test run of the project is being implemented by a Khulna based private company and a Shatkhira based NGO together by importing eight hundred thousand Venami shrimp fry from Thailand. The government of Bangladesh issued special permission for cultivation of Venami shrimp […]


Uttara Finance & Investments Ltd BDT 5,100cr scam: UTTARAFIN

1 crore =10 million & 1 EUR = BDT 102.67 Loan applications to financial institutions in Bangladesh require five layers of scrutiny before being approved, usually. The Uttara Finance and Investment Limited, a non-bank financial institution and publicly traded company in Bangladesh under the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) trading code UTTARAFIN did not followed any of the […]


Maternity Benefits in Bangladesh

Women, performing manual and physical (other than intellectual, administrative, supervisory or managerial) labour in Bangladesh are entitled to 16 weeks of Maternity Benefits. The terms and conditions of employment, including the Maternity Benefits, of the female staff at the intellectual, administrative, supervisory or managerial positions should be regulated in the employment contract. No paid maternity leave shall be […]

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Delays and delivery default risks unavoidable


Since beginning of the global COVID crisis Bangladesh enforced multiple local, regional and national lockdowns with various level of intensity and effectiveness. The Ready-Made-Garments (RMG) industry, backbone of the Bangladesh’s economy contributing up-to 80% of the country’s export, however, remained unaffected from lockdowns fearing worst economic consequence with social and political risks in case millions […]

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BGMEA asks Peacocks to clear payments to 29 Bangladeshi factories


M.T. Sweater Limited of Bangladesh made sweaters for the British discount clothing chain Peacocks. Last September, they supplied sweaters worth ca. EUR 0.5 million, which the Peacocks received only last month after a long six-month delay. Additionally, EUR 0.55 million worth of ready-made and half-made garments for this buyer are now lying in the warehouse […]

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Gas reserve potential left unexplored in Bangladesh


Bangladesh, globally hailed as a potential gas basin, has long been in the grip of an acute gas crisis thanks to lack of gas exploration initiatives, said experts. In the past 12 years, only 18 exploration wells have been dug with the discovery of four gas fields, according to the Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation, […]

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Facts Check: Power Generation in Bangladesh


by Prof. Badrul Imam* Bangladesh now has a power generation capacity in excess of 21,000 MW. On the other hand, power demand and generation in mid-February this year were in the range of 9,000 MW, less than half of the overall capacity. Even last summer the peak demand and generation hardly reached 12,000 MW. Considering […]

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Japan fails to secure VAT Exemption for JICA funded project in Bangladesh

Japan government’s hard fought prestigious Matarbari Power Plant Project in Bangladesh is in a dilemma over exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) for the construction of the Matarbari coal-fired power plant. The two year long stand-off between Japan and Bangldesh could not be resolved as both sides remains firm in their position. Japan wishes not to be discriminated and […]

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Alibaba and Amazon to build network in Bangladesh


The postal division is going to collaborate with global e-commerce giants Alibaba and Amazon to deliver their products across Bangladesh, reports the Daily Star. A pilot project will be launched within a short time, said Tarana Halim, state minister for telecom and postal division, after a meeting with the postal department yesterday at her office. […]

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Another $25m IFC loan to a Bangladeshi company PRAN


International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector development arm of the World Bank Group, has provided yet another $25 million loan […]

Korean Export Processing Zone at serious risk


Instead of handing over the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) to the investor, the government of Bangladesh plans to take back […]

Dhaka needs to remove its rocky anti-FDI atmosphere

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Yun-young

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Mr. Lee Yun-young has said Bangladesh should come out from protectionism and open up its market […]

‘Welfare Associations’ to negotiate for rights at Bangladesh EPZ

The Government of Bangladesh today approved, in principle, draft of a labour law for Export Processing Zones (EPZ) with the provision […]

Return of GSP seems far off – a lot more must be done

Bangladesh’s progress in implementation of the National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety and Structural Integrity (the Action Plan) which provides a […]

Bangladesh halts shutdown of “unsafe” factories

The Bangladeshi government is refusing to shut down garment factories declared unsafe, following a row with independent inspectors over the […]