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300 new garment factories spring up in 2 yrs as 450 down shutters

More than 300 new apparel factories were set up in the last two years while 450 factories were closed down in Bangladesh. Of the total new factories, new entrepreneurs established some 137 while the rest emerged as part of expansion of the existing ones, said the association of the readymade garment (RMG) in Bangladesh. It said that non-compliance, western […]

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Amended Bangladesh Labour Act in force but not implemented

Bangladesh Labour Act 2013 has been in force since 22nd July 2013 through official gazette notification of the government of Bangladesh but due to non-existence of the rules for implementation it is not being implemented, says the concerned authorities. Labour leaders and rights groups, however, allege the government for intentional delay over formulation of the rules, protecting the […]

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Foreign companies bared from the commercial service sector

A long-pending legal petition has been hindering foreign companies entering into the Bangladesh’s Commercial Service sector, including the areas of freight forwarding and logistic services, shipping agencies, airlines GSA, distribution and travel agencies alike. The Bangladesh High Court on September 26, 2012 imposed an injunction on granting registration, licence, permission or work permit to any new foreign […]

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Boosting export by devaluating currency in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Taka (BDT) is likely to lose its value against major currencies as the relevant authorities are mulling appropriate measures to prop up falling exports. The local currency remained strong over nearly two years as country’s imports plunged. By official count, the export earnings fell 7.63 per cent in October against its corresponding period a year […]

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Consolidation in the Bangladesh textile industry unavoidable

Bangladeshi ready-made garment (RMG) manufacturers are increasingly sourcing fabrics from abroad due to high price and quality concerns of the local fabrics. Some RMG manufacturers, which used to prefer local fabrics and yarn, mainly taking advantage of purchase on credit, have also been increasingly turning to other destinations, such as China, India and Pakistan for […]

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Beximco’s severe cash crunch may be eased by Sonali Bank

Bangladesh’s state-owned Sonali Bank (SB) has decided to reschedule Tk 982.44 crore of Bangladesh Export Import Company (BEXIMCO) Limited’s loans and extend the repayment period to 2026 to help the conglomerate ride out its severe cash crunch and continue commercial operations. Beximco’s loan rescheduling proposal was approved in entirety last week by the Sonali bank’s […]

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Korean Export Processing Zone at serious risk


Instead of handing over the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) to the investor, the government of Bangladesh plans to take back […]

Dhaka needs to remove its rocky anti-FDI atmosphere

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Yun-young

Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Mr. Lee Yun-young has said Bangladesh should come out from protectionism and open up its market […]

‘Welfare Associations’ to negotiate for rights at Bangladesh EPZ

The Government of Bangladesh today approved, in principle, draft of a labour law for Export Processing Zones (EPZ) with the provision […]

Return of GSP seems far off – a lot more must be done

Bangladesh’s progress in implementation of the National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety and Structural Integrity (the Action Plan) which provides a […]

Bangladesh halts shutdown of “unsafe” factories

The Bangladeshi government is refusing to shut down garment factories declared unsafe, following a row with independent inspectors over the […]

Yawning gap between pledges and delivery to Rana Plaza victims

Many Rana Plaza victims are yet to receive the promised compensation from the government and retailers, nine months after the […]