P aramount Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance company of the country, since its establishment in November 1999, the company has successfully been in operation with paid up capital of Taka 15 (Fifteen) crore (Tk. 6 crore from sponsor AND Tk.9 crore from IPO) present paid up capital is 19.06 crore and authorised capital of Taka 60 (Sixty) crore. Although relatively a new entrant in Insurance business the success of the company lies with the expertise knowledge and experience of the associates and personalities. Over the few years of operation this company has succeeded in building confidence in clientele groups. It has extended its network in different places of the country.

The entire portfolio of the company is protected fully under the umbrella of re-insurance arrangement with Sadharan Bima Corporation (Government owned).

Under the existing system retention capacity of each insurance company is fixed at an annual meeting held at Sadharan Bima Corporation in December every year. The risk is shared by Sadharan Bima, which also cedes to internationally sound Re-Insurance companies. Therefore, any amount of insurance is fully insured and protected through treaty and Re-Insurance arrangement with the insurer.

Paramount Insurance Company Limited is having ten sponsor-Directors, who are influential personalities of industrial establishments and business houses of the country.

Paramount Insurance Company Limited covers any type of risks of any amount, which includes Marine, Fire, Burglary, Motor, Engineering and Miscellaneous Insurance in the private sector within the framework of tariff prepared by Central Rating Committee.

As a matter of fact, this company provides to the valued clients with technical assistance, consultative service and advice free of cost. The company is committed to provide service to the valued clients and claims are settled as promptly as possible on the basis of proven documents and evidences.



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